Alma Phillips

Alma Phillips

Spiritual Educator & Consultant

While driving on a locale interstate in 2010, Alma Phillips felt her vehicle hit something. She looked around to find herself alone on the highway, the road clear of any obstacles and moving at 70 miles per hour. The thought that came to her was maybe I have just died and returned to life. What? She asked where had that thought come from? Within days, while in meditation, Alma was told she completed her life task and she was free to leave the earth and come back in a new body, or stay on the earth and get a new life. As you may guess, she decided to stay around and tells her story of learning about and experiencing ‘Lives within Lives’.
Alma Phillips, is a strong intuitive and travels for the Wayshowers College presenting courses and lectures on a variety of metaphysical subjects. She delights in sharing techniques and hands on experiences that allow others to take charge of their owns lives. Her ability to laugh at herself as she shares how you can learn and grow creates a relaxed space for personal growth and healing.
Alma is an Ordained Minister for Peace Community Church and is currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada.

My Life Story

I think every story in my life starts “I read this book..” and proceeds to tell of what happened when I acted on what I had read.

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