I’m always watching for the ways I trip myself up. Thoughts and habits that work against what I desire to manifest in my life. It is for me an ongoing process of continuously paying attention to the thoughts that pass through my mind and asking is that thought serving my highest good?
I’ve heard it said that praying is speaking to God and meditation is listening to God. I like this idea and it works for me and the experiences I ‘ve had with both prayer and meditation. I have had the joyful opportunity of hearing people in prayer lately. Prayer presented in a gathering, grace said over a meal , an offering up after a meditation. What I’m hearing surprises me, I don’t hear people expressing to God what they desire, I hear people praying for what they do not want.
I have spent many hours in groups, meditation, prayer, and classes learning to manifest the life I desire. The arts of intending, envisioning, gratitude and attracting. I have learned 2 very important things. The first being that the Universe always answers yes to any request. I have been blown away with the results I’ve experienced. The second thing I’ve learned, is that I’m responsible for what I receive. I have found it is the subtle thoughts and choice of words that can make the difference between getting what I want and what I don’t want. Tony Burroughs the creator of Intenders has a lovely list of best suggestions for manifesting as well as a list of pitfalls. The simple act of projecting out into the future can keep us chasing what we most want. i.e.” I intend to travel to Europe.” will often find us pushing the actual travel out further and further, where as the statement : “I intend I’m traveling in Europe”, brings it back to the present. The statement becomes more powerful when I add timing to it. ” I intend I’m traveling in Europe in November of this year.” The 4 w’s are important to receiving what we desire. What do I want? When do I want it? Where do I want it? Why do I want it?(what will the benefit to my true self be when I have it?)”I intend I’m traveling in Europe during November of this year, that I can experience inner joy and realize my freedom.”
I do not suggest you stop praying. I suggest you start praying with intent for what you desire. I heard someone lamenting in a prayer “God, during my meditation I had monkey mind and could not quiet myself” I expected they would then ask for a quiet mind that stayed on a desired focus, but they did not follow up with what they wanted. This statement is one of manifesting more monkey mind and the inability of quieting the mind. I would suggest “God, I ask for your assistance, that my mind is quiet at all times.” Another prayer I heard recently was for strength to overcome adversities in life. Is that what the prayer was seeking? This prayers implies that I need adversities and then I need strength to overcome them. I’m suggesting a prayer of “God I pray for a life filled with joy and ease, living in the flow of the life force” You may feel I’m being petty here, however I am speaking of what I have proven to work in my own life.
As I’m writing this I find myself telling someone I am going to throw something out there and see if it gets results. As soon as I said it out loud I knew I wasn’t going to create what I wanted. I want results, and the results I actually want is people stepping forward to learn how they can have more inner peace.