The Universe is waiting for you. Waiting for you to communicate clearly your inner most desires that they may be manifest in your life. On some level, we all know that lurking within us is the knowledge of our soul’s purpose here on planet earth. Using guided meditation to quiet our conscious minds and tune into our inner most soul feelings we will overcome our resistance to acknowledge our personal power. We will use the amazing power of Intention and the Laws of Attraction to draw to us all that we desire and need through the coming year. This event is not a goal workshop, but an intentional directing of our minds to create the life we desire in our soul. The intensity of our desires are magnified when we work as a group in clear energy.

-During this workshop you will:
-Experience your own aura and your true vibration.
-See and feel the life you are seeking.
-Amplify and energize your divine pursuit.
-Target your life for greatness.
-Maximize your inner desires.

You will leave this event with:

1. A beautiful inspiring pictorial representation of your unfolding life.

2. A personal message from your true self that you can tune into throughout the year to keep you centered.

3. A clear feeling of living your soul’s desires, that will travel with you every step of the way through 2018

All materials will be provided
$45 for Vision Boards. 1-6 pm.

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