angelSaturday – October 8, 2016 10am – 4pm
Hampton VA

Have you ever had the feeling that you have a guardian angel looking out for you or received an inspiration at just the right time to point you in the exact direction you needed to go. In this workshop you will learn to consciously communicate with that helping, guiding, loving energy that has been with you since birth.

During this workshop you will:
• Establish a direct, two-way communication with your Inner Guidance, some call this their Angels, Spiritual Guides or Spiritual Helpers. Many names one source of guidance.
• Learn how to receive answers to important questions you would like to ask your spiritual team.
• Realize you are never alone.
• Discover how your angels KNOW your life purpose & can steer you in the right direction toward joy, abundance and fulfillment.
• Raise your energy vibration instantly to be “tuned in” with your inner guidance.
• Learn a quick and easy method of daily meditation with your angels so you can receive their ideas, inspirations and suggestions for your life success
• Receive a personalized Orientation Profile consultation. In this profile you’ll learn how many angels you have, how they communicate with you, your energy sensitivity level and your primary spiritual gift or perception of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy or Feeling.
You’ll also receive a 30 page Connect with Inner Guidance workbook with notes, templates and tips to take with you and continue to develope a conscious relationship with your angels.

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