Center for Tranquility checks carefully with spirit and inner guidance on which practitioner works with individuals paying for services.  It is important to us that the person you work with will contribute in a positive way to your spiritual journey.  Below are service offered at Center for Tranquility, each one is designed to assist you along your path.  Putting the tools and techniques in your hand, rather than relying on something outside of yourself. Learn More about Alma Phillips and Amanda Jackson.

Discovery One to One Session

60 minutes – $75

In this session you will receive tools and techniques to assist you in resolving a particular issue, find clarity in an area you are currently working on, or need guidance on messages you have been receiving from the universe.  Center for Tranquility has two consultants to guide you in the  Discover Session.  Both have access to multiple spiritual and metaphysical modalities, which will be accessible to you in one of these sessions.  Done in person (Hampton Roads area of Virginia) or Via Skype.

Spiritual Orientation Profile

1 Hour – $75

This is a comprehensive profile and a great entry point to working with Center for Tranquility  —

  • You will be instructed in techniques to help you develop a clear two-way communication with your guidance
  • Discover the order and prominence of your 4 spiritual gifts – Intuition, Vision, Prophecy, and Feeling (Empathy)
  • Learn the distribution of your spiritual energy at this time

This consultation is an entry point to connecting deeper with yourself and your guidance.

Follow-up appointments include: Discover your Soul Blockage, Balance the Glandular System, and Inner Guidance and My Spiritual Thrust consultation. If you have already received your Spiritual Orientation Profile you can, also, followup with a Swing Update appointment. Email us, the followup appointment desired. Click Here for descriptions of these consultations.

Past Life Session - First Time One to One Session

90 minutes – $95

This is usually the choice of people comfortable with the process and searching out the possibilities of having past lives. Receive one on one instruction and  travel to a past life to receive insights and inspiration for the present.  You will be guided in this first session to build your trust in the process.  Past Life regression sessions are for the purposes of exploring your wisdom cultivated over many life times to apply it to your current journey in the here and now.